What are the signs that your partner holds jealousy and insecurity in the relationship

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What are the signs that your partner holds jealousy and insecurity in relationship

Though love and trust are the building blocks of any relationship, however, it requires security as well. Jealousy and insecurity are the two main factors which often lead to the breakdown of many serious relationships. Imagine your partner often encouraging and appreciating some other girl, it is obvious that you will feel jealous and insecure at the same time. Though jealousy in one important factor in any relationship, however, an excess of it may result in breakup and land you both in trouble. If you feel that your partner might leave you and always live in this fear then you can never stay happy. So, here are some of the signs that there is too much of jealousy and insecurity in the relationship. (Also read: What are the signs suggesting that you have got the perfect girlfriend)

What are the signs that your partner holds jealousy and insecurity in the relationship?

Excessive controlling behaviour
A partner who is too much jealous and insecure definitely tries to control your life. Such partner has trouble with whatever you do. They can’t tolerate your socialising behaviour and wants to tie you to them forever. They always remain suspicious about you and are doubtful about your behaviour. This is a sign of an extremely jealous partner.

Being too authoritative
Associating yourself with your partner is a good thing. Being taking control over their lives and being authoritative is harmful. Snatching someone’s freedom and soul is not at all a good idea. It makes a person feel suffocated and eventually make the relationship a mere burden. An authoritative partner never encourages the idea of you spending time with your friends and even family. Such type of partner is actually harmful to your life. (Also read: Which zodiac signs are rated most faithful to the least faithful)

Restless partner
A restless partner also causes uneasiness and irritation in your life. They build a lot of mental pressure on your mind and often lead to a quarrel. All they find are the reasons which eventually leads to disputes. Thus, one must stay away from such partner. Such relationships never give happiness.

What are the signs of excessive jealousy?

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