What are the signs that your partner is sexually attracted to you

What are the signs that your partner is sexually attracted to you

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It might have also happened to you while you are dating someone. There are some people who attract to their partner sexually. They only take few seconds to get sexually attracted to another person. Men are usually weak to hide these feelings and often their signs are quite clear in this. No one says these things aloud, however, their body language and facial expressions are enough to reflect their attraction. There is no harm in getting sexually attracted to your partner, as long as you do not hold any ill intentions. Besides this, there is a specific time for every move which needs to be taken accordingly. So if your partner shows all these signs, it suggests that he is sexually attracted to you. (Also read: Why do women these days are afraid of getting married)

What are the signs that your partner is sexually attracted to you?

His eyes move all over you: When your partner rolls his eyes all over your body, it means he is checking you out. It is a clear sign that he is sexually attracted towards you. Besides this, when he can’t take his eyes off you, it shows that he wants to please you sexually.

Sits really close to you: When he finds a reason to stay close to you, he never skips any. He always tries to maintain the closeness with you by being really close to you. It often happens consciously or unconsciously. It all goes in the mind. (Also read: Reasons why does your girlfriend flirt with other men)

He slightly touches you: When your partner is sexually attracted towards you, he will definitely touch you gently. Holding hands, rubbing his feet on your feet, holding your waist etc. are few signs which show that a man is sexually attracted to you. His touch will give you the feeling of what he wants to convey.

Flirts with you: When a guy flirts with you, then it is a sign that he is sexually attracted to you. He wants to make a move towards you by making you feel comfortable. He involves in deep flirts and mushy talks which clearly states his sexual inclination towards you.

You can always feel it: If your partner is sexually attracted to you, you can sense the feeling. It is an unsaid bond and compatibility that builds between the two people. It is natural that you will get the instinct of him, getting sexually close to you. (Also read: What should one do if they miss their partner and can’t talk to them)

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