What are the signs that you should not marry your long term partner

What are the signs that you should not marry your long term partner

Sometimes even a long-term relationship proves unsuccessful. You might know someone for so long, but marriage is not what you should think about. Every relationship goes through a lot of ups and downs. Thus, it is necessary that you read the signs that you receive from your relationship and analyse them. Every relationship loses a spark after a certain point in time. It is quite natural in any of the relationships. But, there is a string that keeps you both attached. If you are losing the control of that string and feel detached from your partner or vice versa, you must completely say no to marriage with him/here. Listed below are some of the signs that suggest you should not marry your long-term partner. (Also read: What are the biggest kissing mistakes that turn off a woman)

What are the signs that you should not marry your long-term partner?

Marriage is not important for your partner: If your partner does not show any interest in marriage, then you should not run after him for the same. Sometimes, people do not realise the importance of marriage. They just treat it as a burden to their life and think that it will not make any positive change in their life. People with such an attitude can’t make the best of any relationship.

Your expectations are different: Now that it has been very long that you both know each other, still you people can’t agree on similar things. You both have different expectations in life. Besides that, you have different goals and targets which are unlikely to be achieved, when you two are together. So you both should think whether you both will stay together. (Also read: What should be your ideal winter date according to your zodiac sign)

Your partner freak out when it comes to compromises: You all will agree that there is a list of compromises and sacrifices that one has to make in marriage. If your partner is not ready to make any compromise or adjustment in marriage, then you should not actually even dream about getting married to him.

You both lead to arguments when it comes to settling down: You both can’t agree on one thing when it comes to settling down. When both of you can’t make the choices which are good for both of you, you both end up getting into argument. Settling down is a big decision and it has to be right. Thus, you should both talk about it. If no agreement is made, you should rethink about getting married to him/her.

A difference in opinion between having children: If you both have a different opinion about having kids in the later life, you should rethink. If you both can’t make a mind about how you are going to plan your life in future and how it is going to in terms of children. Then wait, it is not going to work in future as well. (Also read: What are the signs when you must reconsider your friendship)

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