What are the signs that your girlfriend is angry at you

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What are the signs that your girlfriend is angry at you

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When you are in a relationship it is important to understand and appreciate your relationship in the best way possible. Even your partner is in a mood, it doesn’t mean that you will give up on your relationship. It is difficult to manage your relationship when you don’t even know what is going wrong. This especially happens in a girl’s case as girls often hide their anger. This anger later turns into a grudge that can actually ruin your entire relationship. In that case, it will be helpful to know that few signs can tell you that your girlfriend is angry at you. (Also read: How to use silent treatment in a positive way in the relationship)

Not replying to you
Even after your best attempts to talk to her, she doesn’t respond at all. She ignores your calls and leaves your messages as it is. This is a clear sign that she is upset.

Angry reply
Even when she does reply to you, she sounds angry or replies in a taunting manner. Her angry mood reflects on her replies and that is the best way to know that she is not happy. (Also read: Why is it a great idea to date a funny guy)

Less affectionate
When a person is happy in a relationship, he or she automatically becomes more affectionate and caring. So, when your girlfriend is not being caring and loving towards you then you can figure out that all is not well in a relationship.

Not paying attention
Even when you are with her, she chooses to ignore you. She keeps doughing your questions or simply zones out. Her approach shows it clearly that she is not interested in talking to you or she is angry.

Doesn’t use the affectionate nickname
Every couple has few sweet names that they call each other with. However, when your girlfriend is angry and upset she won’t use the terms of endearments and talk in a very formal way. (Also read: What are the warning signs that you should not make her your girlfriend)

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