What are the signs that you are in a fake relationship

What are the signs that you are in a fake relationship

A relationship depends on many things and factors to make it a healthy and successful relationship. However, not everyone is truly in a real relationship. Some people are so scared to stay single that is why they jump at an opportunity to be in a relationship without even understanding the meaning of a relationship. So, it is important to keep in mind that not every relationship is a real one. Therefore it is important that you keep in mind that there are signs that can help you to recognize a fake relationship. (Also read: What are the worst excuses guys make while breaking up and what do they mean)

Lack of emotional bond
When you are away from your partner do you crave for his or her presence? Does his or her bad mood affect you? If the answer to these question is ‘no’, then maybe you are not connected to your partner emotionally. This is a sign of lack of real feelings in a relationship and possibly the relationship is fake!

Excessive fights
Fights are common even in the most compatible couple. However, the difference between the real relationship and fake one is in a real relationship the couple tries to sort the difference. However, in a fake relationship, you just shift the blame on your partner, without trying to solve the issues. (Also read: Why stalking your ex on social media is a bad idea)

You change yourself
In a real relationship, your partner accepts you as you are. However, when you are in a fake relationship you pretend to be someone as per your partner’s liking. This is a clear red flag.

No future plans
A real relationship means you have started planning ahead. However, in a fake relationship, both the partners avoid talking about the future as there is no real emotional connection and bond.

You don’t know the friends and family of the partner
When you are in a fake relationship your partner doesn’t involve you in his or her social and family life. You don’t know his or her friends or any family member. (Also read: How to end a toxic friendship right away)

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