What Are The Signs That His Ego Is More Important Than The Relationship

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What Are The Signs That His Ego Is More Important Than The Relationship

Men with a lot of ego become actually difficult to handle. No matter how much you do for them, they will remain the same and definitely keep their ego at the peak level. When two people come in a relationship, they adjust a little to stay together forever. If your boyfriend is too egoistic, he will make you lose your self-esteem and will make you a puppet of his choices. Have a look at the following and know about the signs that his ego is more important than the relationship. (Also Read: What Are The Silent Killers Of A Relationship)

Everything is about him:
Whenever you are sad and depressed, you feel like sharing thing with your man. But your man is more interested in sharing his problems. He is engrossed in telling his problems only.

Blame game:
Whenever you both get stuck into an argument, he always tries to make sure that he does not lose the argument. Even when he is at fault, he will somehow try to mould the story around you and make you the culprit. But you love him and that is why you stay quiet in this circumstance. He might love you but every time keeping you at fault is not a right thing. (Also Read: Why Do You Keep Falling For The Wrong Men)

He is critical to you:
Does he always criticize you? No matter how perfect you want to be, you always be an imperfect person for him. He may also love you, but you can not take a place in his heart. This egoistic and self-obsessed person will always be unhappy with you. That is why changing yourself according to his will is not a worthy decision.

He does not like other guys to talk to you much:
You should understand one thing that your boyfriend is not just an egoistic person but he an insecure person too. That is why he can not accept that you are mingling with other boys. There are insecurities in his mind. Do not encourage this by thinking that he is caring for you. Later on, you will realise that you lost your friends. (Also Read: What Are The Things You Learn When You Are In A Good Relationship)

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