What are the signs that your casual relationship is turning into a serious relationship

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What are the signs that your casual relationship is turning into a serious relationship

A lot of changes keep happening in a relationship. It might be a casual relationship in the beginning but as it grows, you eventually become serious for each other. In this modern world, if a casual relationship turns into a serious one, then you must feel blessed. A lot of changes happen in any relationship, but if they are for good we all accept them happily. If you kick-start your relationship without any expectations and now this relationship has been growing into something strong, it is a wonderful thing. There are few signs that suggest, a major turn in your relationship. So, make the most of these changes and stay happy with your partner. (Also read: What are the reasons behind the failure of modern day relationships)

What are the signs that your casual relationship is turning into a serious relationship?

You are confident about each other’s choices: Once you grow together in a relationship, you get to know about each other’s choices and preferences. You need not tell or ask your partner’s favourite menu and you can place the order for them. Both of you are well acquainted with each other’s likes and dislikes in every aspect. This is something very genuine and long-lasting.

You delete all the dating apps: Casual relationships are often open relationships. But once you get into a serious relationship, you eventually decide to give up and delete all the dating applications. You take a break from all the online dating apps, as you don’t want any more of a mess in your life. You are loyal to your partner and want to proceed with your relationship. (Also read: Can a girl and a guy be just good friends)

Gel up with each other’s family: Once you both get into a serious relationship you start involving the family as well. You both add each other’s family members on social media and meet them often. You eventually add your partners in the family groups. Meeting each other’s cousins become a part of your weekend plans.

Don’t keep secrets: When you get into a relationship and it takes a serious turn, you both do not appreciate the idea of keeping secrets. You become more vocal about what is going on in your life and address each and everything with each other. Even your phone passcode is no more a secret to your partner. You both share your passcodes, ATM pins and passwords for your social media handles.

Don’t fear in making it official: When you both are sure of each other’s love and loyalty, you have a bonus. You often announce your relationship on various social media. Making it official on social media is a big thing these days. So, it definitely suggests the seriousness of your relationship. (Also read: What are the various relationship truths we often forget)

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