What are the signs that your boyfriend is faking his niceness

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What are the signs that your boyfriend is faking his niceness

When it comes to dating, people often lie about their real personality or real self. Some people show interest in poetry to impress their date, while others pretend to be really kind-hearted. All women want to be around a man who is genuinely nice and caring. Most men know of this thing and pretend to a very nice and gentle guy to win a girl over. This fake niceness can never last in a long run as ultimately it is a cover. It will be removed someday. So, it is better that you watch out for the signs that suggest that he is faking his niceness!

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He doesn’t treat everyone with equal kindness
When someone is nice, then it is not subjective, it is for everyone. A real nice guy will be kind to everyone he meets, without focusing on their social status or their economic status. A fake nice guy is just nice to people who are might be useful to him.

He tries too hard
A genuinely nice person doesn’t have to try too hard to be nice, he is naturally moulded in this way only. For a fake nice guy, he has to put in extra effort to be on your good side.

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Attention seeking
When someone is really caring in his approach then it doesn’t matter to him if some see this side of him or not. When it comes to being fake nice then that man will wish for attention towards his kindness. So, if you are truly nice, then you certainly don’t seek attention for it.

He is nicer to your girl friends
Someone who has mastered the art of being fake nice will certainly try to show it in front of a girl’s friends. He will be extra nice to them to win them over.

He always wants something in exchange for kindness
A fake nice guy might appear harmless and sweet, but his mind is constantly looking for ways to cash in his kindness in a relationship.

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