What are the signs that you are accidentally cheating on your partner

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What are the signs that you are accidentally cheating on your partner

People think of cheating in a very one dimensional way, they think that cheating means you are actually getting involved with someone mentally or physically. However, this is a very narrow definition, sometimes cheating doesn’t even show in the conventional or usual way. It shows in small things that people usually ignore. For example, lying about your relationship. Some people even though they might claim to love their partner a lot end up lying about the relationship to gain attention. Even though this action might appear harmless but it shows disrespect towards the partner and the relationship. Let’s find out the other signs of “accidentally” cheating on your partner. (Also read: What things men lie about when they want to impress a woman)

Keeping a tab on your ex
When you have ended a relationship and you are committed to someone else then there is no reason to keep an eye open for your ex. If you are constantly concerned about what your ex is up then you are somehow cheating your partner.

Lying about your relationship
Some people don’t like to talk about their relationship as they are private about it. However, some people lie about it to gain attention from others. If you somehow indulge in the same, then it is the time to question yourself.  (Also read: What body language cues a girl gives away if she likes you)

Constantly deleting message and call logs
If you are an honest relationship, then there is no need to remove the traces of a conversation. However, if you are constantly deleting the chats and calls, you should question your action and what are you hiding.

Getting emotionally dependent on someone else
It is easy to justify the need to talk to someone in an emotional manner. However, sometimes this need turns into something more serious and you turn emotionally dependent on someone else.

Lying about people in your life
In a relationship, you know the people in your partner’s life and vice versa. It is natural. However, if you feel that you are constantly hiding the people in your from your partner. It is time to think. (Also read: How to repair your relationship when things get rough)

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