Should you give your ex another chance

Should you give your ex another chance

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A relationship is a beautiful and meaningful bond between two people. Sometimes, this bond fails to bear the wrath of time and breaks. Despite the breakup, many times the feeling of emotional attachment remains. As result, many times your ex makes a come back in your life. At that moment your heart is torn into two parts. A part of you want to give the person another chance, but the other part wants to kill all the ties. During such testing times, it becomes important for the person to know whether they should give the ex a chance or leave him or her hanging. Let’s find out what you should do!(Also read: How the friendship changes when you are in a relationship)

The power of an apology is often very underrated. However, an apology doesn’t mean only words, it includes the actions too. If you see that your person is not just apologetic but also trying to make amend then it is clearly a green signal.

You want to forgive
An apology won’t mean anything until the person intended is ready to forgive and forget. Sometimes couples fight about a minor issue and that leads to a breakup. If that was the situation in your case and you are willing to forgive the person then take the step. (Also read: What are the things that are more intimate than physical attraction)

Put yourself in his or her shoes
Every person’s way of handling the situation is different and sometimes even the situation turns worst. So, put yourself in the other person’s situation and see how you would have reacted to a similar situation. If you see their point then you can give it another shot.

Listen to your heart
Ultimately being with a person is your decision. You are the one who has to be with the person. So, think of the situation carefully and make a wise decision about the situation.

Go with all your heart
The important thing to remember is that you should go for the relationship with all your heart or nothing at all. So, be smart about your choices. (Also read: Is it possible to love two people at the same time)

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