Should one reveal their past relationship secrets to their partner

Should one reveal their past relationship secrets to their partner

Some books are better if left closed. Everyone has some past or the other which has led a great impact on their life. When you are finally getting into a relationship and marrying someone, you need to be wise. Being a husband or wife is way too different to be just a casual partner of someone. Everyone has a different perspective and take on how they will behave after knowing the secrets of their partner’s past. One can’t risk the present relationships for the sake of something that doesn’t exist now. Well, starting a new relationship with everything falling into place may cost a lot. (Also read: Why do people get into an extramarital affair after getting married)

Should one reveal their past relationship secrets to their partner?

Respect your past and move forward: No matter how did your relationship end, it was all meant to happen. Respect your past and your ex-partner. You were loved by your partner at some point in time, so don’t portray it as something evil. Move ahead without any blame game.

Don’t hurt your partner: You might want to start your relationship with all the truths of your life but are you hurting your partner because of the same? The secrets that you want to reveal might hurt the sentiments of your partner. Not just this, it may impact your relationship in a negative manner. (Also read: Important conversations one must have with their partner)

You might lose the trust: The secrets of past might hurt your present and you lose your partner. It is very difficult for, everyone, to accept the things of the past. Not everyone can be too broadminded to leave the past events in the past only. So, beware before you reveal your secrets.

You will only get hurt: Digging the old wounds that hurt you lead to snatching away your present peace of mind. Move ahead and have some mercy on yourself. If you are happy, celebrate your present instead unveiling your past.

Impact your present relationship: When you reveal the secrets of your past, there are a lot of chances that it impacts your present relationship. Trust issues, not taking initiatives etc. are few questions that might sprout up in your partner’s mind. (Also read: What are the signs that your crush is actually interested in you)

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