How to save your marriage from the internet’s interference in your bedroom

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How to save your marriage from the internet's interference in your bedroom

The constant desire to scroll the mobile phone has become the natural habit of most of the people. These days, be it a 3-year-old child or a man in his 60’s, mobile phones have spared none. Everyone knows how to access the social media accounts which is a good thing as long as it is not impacting your relationships. We can not deny the fact, that the entrance of internet in bedrooms have been the reason for many breakups and disturbed marriage. Instead of spending some time with each other, couples these days are busy accessing their social account handles. Thus, we need to save the marriages and relationships from the massive destruction caused by the internet. Here are some effective ways which will help you to have a healthy marriage without the interference of mobile phones. (Also read: Little promises you must make to your life partner)

How to save your marriage from the internet’s interference in your bedroom?

There are many ways by which you can restrict the internet interference in your married life, as night is the most intimate time for a couple.

Go for a night drive: If you both are getting bored of the monotonous routine, you can take a short night drive. It is always better than remaining busy with your mobile phones. It will help you both to have a quality time together and will make your bond stronger, Besides this, you both will talk to each other instead of staying busy on the mobile phone.

Candlelight coffee date: If you are a married couple, you will realise how life changes after marriage. Spending some quality time with each other becomes difficult for both of you. Thus, look out for opportunities. Plan a candlelight coffee date in your bedroom or maybe your terrace. You will surely enjoy this intimate time with each other. (Also read: How does your toxic boyfriend harming and destroying you)

Go for a walk: Late night walks are always best. This helps to share the things that happened to you throughout the day. You can ask your partner about his day and express how much you miss being with them. Make sure you keep your phone at home. It gives both of you an association with each other. You can also have an ice-cream on the way back home.

Do some activity together: Your bedroom time is your personal time. You can talk and share things you want to. If you are getting bored, you can play some game together. This will bring some fun and enjoyment to your life. Challenge your partner and celebrate whosoever wins. This will also help to function your brain and will make you lively.

However, if you have to do some online shopping, don’t just turn your back and do it all by yourself. Involve your partner. Do it together. Trust us, it will be fine when you both will do things together instead of staying apart. If it is urgent devote some time to the internet or social media and then turn it off to spend some intimate time with your partner. (Also read: What are the disadvantages of lying in a relationship)

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