Relationship tips: Reasons why he is not texting you back

Reasons why he is not texting you back

Reasons why he is not texting you back

We live in an age where people are blindly dependent on their social media account to stay in touch. This has impacted the way we look at romance as well. Instead of talking to each other, people depend on the texts to communicate with each other. However, there are times when even though all is going well, the person stops replying to your text or stops texting you back. This often happens from the end of a man. The wait for the text to arrive can be really upsetting for the woman. There are plenty of reasons for it. (Also read: Texting mistakes- Major texting blunders that can harm your relationship)

Reasons why he is not replying to your texts

  • He thinks you are clingy
  • Giving you the silent treatment
  • He is really busy
  • He is bored of the relationship
  1. He thinks you are clingy
    Reasons why he is not texting you back
    Always being clingy can make him uninterested to reply

    When he texts you once, do you reply with multiple texts, keep asking him about everything? If the answer to this is yes, then this might be the reason that he avoids texting you. You come off as too strong.  (Also read: What are the things one should keep in mind while texting a girl)


  2. Giving you the silent treatment
    Reasons why he is not texting you back
    Silents treatment means no reply to your texts


    It is not just a woman who can give the silent treatment. If your man is angry at you or is upset with you then chances are that he is ignoring you on purpose. If you think that can be the reason then, think calm as to what went wrong with you two.

  3. He is really busy
    Sometimes the work can be really taxing for a person. So, there is a chance that he is simply really busy with the work or has no time to reply to your texts. It has nothing to do with him ignoring you but it is related to his work schedule. There are certain things you can do when you feel that he is ignoring you. Click the link to know.
  4. He is bored of the relationship
    It happens that as the times passes the relationship loses its spark and everything falls back into a pattern. So, it is natural that your boyfriend doesn’t feel like replying. In that case, you can simply make the conversation interesting.
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