Relationship Tips: How to know that the man you love, loves you as a friend

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How to know they consider you as friend

Relationship Tips: How do you know that they only consider you friends

Friendship and love are two different things. Both have different significance in life. Everyone thinks that only boys can go to the friend zone, but it is not true many times girls also go to the friend zone. It is not necessary that the boy whom you love also loves you back. The boy often sees his friend just like a good friend and cares as much as a boyfriend does. Girls understand this thing as love. You need to understand this or else it will not only hurt you but also can spoil your friendship. So to protect your friendship you need to understand your friend’s feelings. (Also read: Liking a friend: How to make your friend like you more)

Relationship Tips: How do you know that your friend sees you just as a friend.

  • Does not flirt with you
  • Talk about other girls
  • Teasing you by the name of the other
  • No change in behaviour
  • Treat you like a brother
  1. Do not flirt with you
    If your friend does not flirt with you, then you should understand that there is only friendship for you in his mind. They do not understand you more than a friend and do not love you.
  2. Talks about other girls

    Ways to save your friendship
    Relationship Tips: Tips to save your friendship.

    When your friend sees other girls in front of you or just talking about them, it shows that they only treat you as friends and there is no feeling for you in their mind. (Also read: Never text your ex: What kind of messages you should never do to your ex)

  3. Teasing you in the name of another
    If a boy likes you, then he will never get the name of another boy. So if your friend often teases you in the name of other boys, then he does not love you, but only friends.
  4. No change in behaviour
    If there is no change in friend’s behaviour then it is a sign for you that he only treats you as a friend. If he does not talk to you kindly then you understand that he does not love you.
  5. Treat you like the brother
    If your friend treats you like a brother then he considers you a very good friend. In this way, you should save your friendship while keeping your feelings in mind.

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If you have fallen in love with a boy then you need to understand most of their feelings and save your friendship. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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