How to reduce sexual tension between your crush and you

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How to reduce sexual tension between your crush and you

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The feeling of sexual tension makes you conscious about the person. It happens when you are too much attracted towards someone and you want to have a sexual relationship with them. It is very important to know, how well is your chemistry with that person. However, this may land you in trouble at times. It’s not necessary that you develop a sexual feeling for your partner only. It may be someone else as well. And if you are in a relationship then this might become problematic for you even more. Thus, it is important that instead of keep getting attracted to that person, you must try to decrease the sexual tension. Let’s discuss how can you reduce the sexual tension between the two of you. (Also read: Things you should do with your best friend before you get married)

How to reduce sexual tension between your crush and you?

Don’t stay close to them: No matter if they are your crush, you should try to avoid them. If you will stay close to them, it will increase the sexual tension between the two of you. Thus, try to maintain some distance from them.

Think about your partner: You must think about your partner while you develop such feelings for someone else. If you are in a relationship then you must try to avoid the person and such feelings towards them. Think about your partner and your relationship, this will help you to give a break to such feelings. (Also read: What are the things that a committed man should never do)

Stop flirting: If you are trying to avoid such feelings then you should also watch out your actions. Thus, whenever you meet them or talk to them, you should not flirt with them. Flirting might increase the feeling even more.

Think about the consequences: If you take a step ahead towards your sexual feeling with someone else, what will it result into? Even if the person also starts taking a step ahead then it might affect your relationship. Think about it. This thought might stop you from doing anything as such.

Seek help from your friends: If you fail to control your feelings, you must seek some help from your friends or dear ones. They will help you to remind that you don’t have to develop such feelings and have to ignore them. (Also read: Things one must discuss with the partner before getting married)

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