Reasons why it is okay to not celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Reasons why it is okay to not celebrate Valentine's Day

From past many years, we see a great zeal amongst the couples to celebrate valentine’s day. They plan a lot to have a perfect date with their partner. Boyfriends want to impress their girlfriends with the best dating idea, whereas girls desire to look the prettiest on that day. Some couples are too much into showing off their bond that they don’t hesitate in having too much PDA. However, there are some sober couples as well. Those couples do not believe in the idea of celebrating love just for one day. If we really love someone we don’t need a single day for celebration and follow the trend. It’s absolutely alright to spend your valentine’s day as just another day. You need not to blindly follow those young couples who just go gaga on one day. (Also read: How to flirt in the right manner with your crush)

Reasons why it is okay to not celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Don’t follow the trend: It’s okay to let other people celebrate it with so much enthusiasm. If you don’t wish to celebrate it, then don’t. Don’t be just a blind follower of what other people are doing. Trust us, it’s too cliche!

Love does not need a single day: It sounds quite appropriate. Your love for your partner does not need just one day. You don’t have to showcase your entire love for one day just for the sake of it. It’s all just the PDA. Nothing makes a difference if you don’t celebrate it. (Also read: What are the different ways to make your girlfriend happy on Valentine’s day)

Only a mere race of lovers: Valentine’s day is another name for the competition that the world celebrates. It’s more about flaunting your love and your plans for the day. Even if you want to celebrate it, keep your plans to yourself. Stop flooding the social media with what surprised you the most. It’s a trap of one people doing it and rests following the same. You don’t have to be a follower.

Leads to pressure: We often come across girls and guys sharing their plans for Valentine’s day. All they do is to show off who has a better plan. People really need to grow up with this idea! Couples often flaunt how expensive and perfect date their partner has planned for the day. What good does it do to anyone? So, it’s okay if you don’t celebrate the day.

Expensive affair: In simple words, isn’t it a mere wastage of money? Well, it’s all about personal opinion. Instead of gifting each other chocolates and dresses, one should make some productive plans in life, if at all they want to do anything on this day. Markets during this day are flooded with overpriced gifts and people buy it like a fool. How does this show that your partner loves you? Is your love only materialistic? (Also read: Things that single people should do on valentine’s day)

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