What are the reasons due to which a woman changes after getting married

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What are the reasons due to which a woman changes after getting married

Marriage brings a lot of responsibility and expectations from every end. Not only a woman but even man undergoes various behavioural changes. However, it is most common and visible in case of a woman. Marriage is a whole new journey for a woman and it brings a series of changes in their life. Since ages, a woman has to leave her home and start a new life afresh at a totally new place with a new family. Therefore, they are expected to make necessary adjustments. For which they have to sacrifice their own whims and fancy in order to acknowledge others. At times, a woman also has to surrender her dreams to make a necessary space for herself. The life of a woman after marriage is not an easy journey. Hence, they eventually show many signs of changes in their behavioural pattern. (Also read: What are the things you must consider in order to become a good girlfriend)

What are the reasons due to which a woman changes after getting married?

Compromises: Women are always expected to make compromises in every sphere of life. After marriage, they are not the masters of their own desires. They have to compromise a lot of their dreams and desires in order to keep people around them happy. For a woman compromises become a daily business and she has no choice but to do it.

Pressure: Women live in a sheer pressure after marriage. they have to acquire a place in the hearts of the new family members and live up to their expectations. She has to become a good wife, a good daughter-in-law and has to be the best. This creates a constant pressure on their mind and heart. Thus, they become frustrated and their behaviour might change after marriage. (Also read: How to protect your relationship from jealousy)

Loaded with responsibilities: A woman has to take up a lot of responsibilities after marriage. Not only does she has to make a place for herself in the new family, she has to take up the responsibility of the new family too. A woman has to be a good wife and a daughter-in-law at the same time, as a result, she has to sacrifice a lot of herself, as she has to become the pillar of a new family.

Conscious: A woman after marriage becomes more conscious. She is answerable to a lot of people now. Marriage does not mean snatching someone’s freedom, but it definitely takes away a bit of your individuality. Also, a woman after marriage lives in a constant fear that she might make a mistake which could annoy the new family. As a result, they become conscious and anxious too.

Lack of romance: A couple who used to be popular for their intense love and romance, often struggle after marriage. You just don’t marry a person, you marry the entire family and thus brings a noticeable change in your life. Life after marriage is a new challenge every day. Many women become frustrated as they get no individual time with their partner. The romance of their life fades away and thus they find it difficult to adjust as well. (Also read: What are the various things that guys notice in girls on the very first date)

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