What are the probable reasons for the failure of your first date

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What are the probable reasons for the failure of your first date

The first date is one of the most exciting and nerve- wrecking time for anyone. No one wants to make even a minutest mistake when it comes to the first date. Everything must be perfect in order to have a smooth and interesting date. But sometimes, out of ignorance, we tend to commit some mistakes and it turns our first date into a complete blunder. Moreover, we fail to understand what exactly went wrong on our date, that our partner has got annoyed this much. When we over plan everything, sometimes things end up into a complete disaster. However, you must know what were your flaws on your first date that you won’t be repeating in your recurring ones. (Also read: What are the feelings you undergo when you meet your dream life partner)

What are the probable reasons for the failure of your first date?

Coming late on your first date: If you turn late on your first date, it will definitely annoy your partner. If it’s the first date, there is no chance that you can get late. You ought to be there on time or even before time. It shows that you value the other person and are quite punctual. Not just this, it also shows your punctuality and seriousness for the other person.

You are not a good listener: If you don’t listen to what your partner says, you are not a good listener. One must listen to what your partner has to say completely. Being a patient listener can leave an everlasting impression on your date. You might not have listened to what your partner was telling you, and yes it has eventually lead to a negative impression. (Also read: What to do when your crush sends you a friend request)

You pay more attention to your phone: Well, we all are addicted to our mobile phones. It has become an inseparable part of our life. However, being too sticky to it that you don’t even pay attention to who is sitting next to you is actually a bad practice. You must take a break from your cell phone for a while and pay attention to your partner.

Not having good eye contact: Having an eye contact with your partner is the must. If you don’t have eye contact while you are talking, it shows how conscious you are. You might be nervous on your first date, but that should not be reflected in your actions. You must display your confidence to impress the person.

Revealing too much about your life: When you reveal too much about your life on your first date, you give the person, a chance to judge you. Your partner will definitely have a doubt about their choice. You must play a bit clever on the first date. Let some things remain hidden for later. (Also read: What are the things that your partner never wants to tell you)

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