Playing hard to get- Ways to gain attention of your crush while maintaining distance

Right way to play hard to get in front of the crush

Playing hard to get in front of your crush

When you are silently daydreaming about your crush, all you want is a way to entire in his or her heart. However, with that intention to do that you end up getting too close to your crush and end up appearing clingy. Everyone knows that when you have turned into a clingy and needy person, you end up losing the interest of others. So, what’s the best way to keep your crush interested? Play hard to get! Playing hard to get simply means maintain some distance, so that you appear different and mysterious. This factor will certainly help you to win over your crush. (Also read: Impress Your Crush: How To Put An Instant Smile On Your Crush’s Face)

Ways to play hard to get

  • Don’t wait for him/her all the time
  • Don’t reply at once
  • Keep your life happening
  • Let your crush make the efforts too
  • Don’t swoon at any show of affection

Don’t wait for him/her all the time
When you have a crush you become really desperate to be with them all the time. Thus, you end up waiting to see them or meet them. However, this will take you nowhere. Instead of waiting, show that you have a happening and fun-filled life. (Also read: Moving on- Signs it’s the time to give up on your crush)

Don’t reply at once

Playing hard to get in front of your crush
Avoid reply at once to play hard to get in front of your crush

Everyone understands how exciting it is when your crush gives you a call or texts you. Even then you have to learn to avoid replying at once. It shows that you have nothing to do other than wait for a text.  (Also Read: What Are The Signs Of Having A Secret Crush On Someone)

Keep your life happening
Nothing is more interesting than a person who is full of life. So, remember to present yourself in this manner in front of your crush. Just show that you are not pining for someone all the time. (Also Read: What are the signs that your crush is actually interested in you)

Let your crush make the efforts too

Ways to play hard to get
Let your crush make an effort as well

If you are one doing everything, planning everything then anyone will take you for granted. Instead of doing that let your crush make the efforts too. (Also read: Why are you getting rejected by your crush)

Don’t swoon at any show of affection
Just because you crush shows affection towards you, doesn’t mean you will act too clingy. Respect the space and let him/her be sure about the feelings.

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