What pieces of bad relationship advice you should never follow

What pieces of bad relationship advice you should never follow

Every relationship in the world is unique. There is no right way or wrong way to make a relationship work. Some couples are inseparable at all times, while others like space. There are couples who might fight all the time but can not live without each other. So, it is important that we understand that an outsider can’t understand what makes a relationship work. Despite this, people come up with all sort of bits of advice. Sometimes, these pieces of advice end up harming the relationship instead of making it better. There are some advises that you should ignore right away. Let’s find out what they are! (Also read: What are the things that can make a woman insecure)

“You should change yourself as per your partner’s interest”
When you enter a relationship, you must understand that you are sharing a part of your life with your partner, not changing your life as a whole. Your partner should love and respect you as you are instead of loving you in a fake way.

“Never fight about an issue, just ignore it”
This is the worst piece of advice that you can follow. Even the most compatible couples have fights and problems. The right way to deal with it can never be about ignoring the issue. You must address it and discuss it. (Also read: What are the signs that you are not ready for a relationship)

“Throw tantrums until he/she gives in”
Instead of having a logical and serious discussion about the problem, many people think that throwing tantrums is the right way. In reality, it shows that you are immature. So, always be open to your partner about your thinking and make a decision mutually.

“Ask him/her to be more romantic”
Real life is far from a fairytale or a movie, you can’t expect your partner to be extraordinarily romantic all the time. Instead of forcing your partner to be romantic you can make efforts on your own. Don’t try to change him or her.

“Silent treatment works the best”
Nothing good ever comes out of silent treatment. It simply harms your relationship, so the best way is to communicate more. (Also read: What are the things you should avoid after a breakup)

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