Phrases you should not use while consoling a grieving friend

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Phrases you should not use while consoling a grieving friend

When you are friends with someone you want only the best for them, no matter what. However, life has its own ups and downs and your friend end up having a hard time. At the time, all you want to do is to be there with them in the best possible manner. However, sometimes when you friend is grieving for a grave loss, you find it hard to communicate with them in the right manner. So, we end up using certain phrases and sentences that actually end up hurting the friend more. So, beware of these phrases and be there for the friend. (Also read: What things you don’t fight about when you are in a right relationship)

“I understand what you are going through”
The truth is you can not really understand what a person is dealing with easily. So, avoid using this phrase as it somehow sounds snobbish. Make sure you don’t put down your friend in any way.

“You are so brave”
We might think it is a good idea to compliment the friend by using this simple life. This is actually far from the truth. The reality is whatever unfortunate situation your friend is stuck is hard enough for him or her. So, simply be there without making it a compliment.  (Also read: What to do when your partner is ignoring you)

“People are dealing with worst than you”
Pain is not a competition. People have all sorts of problems in their life. If your friend is going through a tough time. Simply stand by there side without making any comment. There is no need to compare it with someone.

“You need to be stronger”
It is important to remember that your friend is trying to handle the situation in the best way possible so don’t judge him or her. Don’t pressurize your friend to act in a certain way or certain manner. Simply be there as a friend, that’s all they need. (Also read: Which things a couple should never post on social media)

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