Why do people get into an extramarital affair after getting married

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Why do people get into an extra marital affair after getting married

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Marriage is one of the most pious bonds in the world which attaches two people for a lifetime. Having trust and love in a relationship is mandatory. But in today’s time, even after the marriage, people get attracted to someone else. There are many factors and reasons that lead them to do so. However, doing this is not at all a good idea. It not only brings trust issues between two people but also influences their relationship and beliefs. Even after the marriage, if husband and wife are unable to build a bond then this is one of the most embarrassing things. Let’s discuss why do people get into an extramarital affair after marriage. (Also read: Important conversations one must have with their partner)

Why do people get into an extramarital affair after getting married?

When they marry at a young age: Many people marry at a very young age. They are hardly acquainted with the expectations and reality of marriage. Thus, when they eventually grow they realise that they are unable to live their life to the fullest. Eventually, they start getting attracted to other ladies.

Marrying for an inappropriate reason: Many people marry for a wrong reason such as family and social pressure. At that time, without even thinking anything, people have to marry. However, after some time it gives the feeling that spending life like this is not at all possible. Thus, they realise their mistake and get attracted to someone they can relate too. (Also read: What are the signs that your crush is actually interested in you)

Not matching on emotional grounds: At times, it happens that the person is unable to match up on emotional grounds. Even if they live with each other for years, they could not build a bond with each other. This eventually makes either of them to fall for someone else.

A difference in the likes and dislikes: If there is no common interest between the husband and the wife, then their interest in each other will also fade away. If they will find someone with whom they can match up their likings, then they eventually start feeling for that person. (Also read: When is the right time to kiss your partner)

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