New relationship tips: Most common fears in a new relationship

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Most common fears in a new relationship

Most common fears in a new relationship

Getting into a relationship is like a new turn in a person’s life in which a person shares the pleasure of his life with another person. The new relationship is usually filled with happiness and delight. There is an excitement about the life that you going to live with your partner. However, at the same there many fears about this relationship sweeps in the person’s mind. Getting in a relationship can be challenging if you don’t know about the fear you have. So, let’s address the common fears in a person’s mind about a new relationship. (Also read: Normal Relationship: How should a normal relationship be like)

Common fears in a new relationship

  • Fear of being wrong
  • Fear of being hasty
  • Not picking the right partner
  • Break-up fear
  • Fear of losing the identity

Fear of being wrong
After getting into a new relationship, it occurs to everyone’s mind that whatever he/she is doing is right or wrong. There is a feeling of fear in the mind and it is perfectly natural to feel this way. After all, you are making a serious commitment. (Also read: How To Find If You Are In A Committed Relationship)

Fear of being hasty
After getting into a new relationship, many people are afraid that they have not hastened to build a relationship. Is this the right time? After getting into a new relationship, many people think if they are being too hasty.

Not picking the right partner
Many times people do not know for sure in the companion they choose is really right for them or not. Fear of this is more in the minds of people who come in a new relationship.

Break-up fear
The worst kind of fear about a new relationship is the fear of breakup. When a person gets into a relationship they are uncertain if they have the right choice, as if it is not right, then they’ll have to break up. So, the fear of break up is pretty common. (Also read: True Love: What are the signs that you have a true love in your relationship)

Fear of losing the identity
After many people get into the relationship, they fear that in the order of changing themselves for a new relationship, they will not lose their identity.

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So, keep an eye out on the fears in the case of a new relationship. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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