Myths about being in relationship that single people should stop believing

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Myths about being in relationship that single people should stop believing

Being in a relationship has become so mandatory these days that people actually feel ashamed of not being in a relationship. Singlehood makes people feel so outcast that they adore anyone who is in a relationship. Single people have idealised couples in such a way that they have created their own assumptions about relationships. It’s quite obvious that people who have not tasted the reality of relationship have certain myths about the same. Let’s have a look at the various myths that single people hold about a relationship:

A relationship is another name for being cheesy: Calling each other with cheesy names and much of PDA are not the only things that relationship brings along. Being in a relationship is much more than this. A genuine and mature relationship avoid the existence of such honeyed words.

A relationship is required to be happy: Who said so? Your happiness entirely depends upon your take on your life. An individual does not need anyone else to be the medium of their happiness. People often mistake by thinking that one needs a relationship to stay happy in life! Well, that’s not the case. You are blessed to be single, as you have no one to hold grudges and give explanations.

A relationship is all about intimacy: Well, people often think that being in a relationship means only intimacy. Intimacy is an important part of a relationship but that does not mean it’s only about physical love. It’s way beyond than that.

Relationship means sticking together: It’s one of the most prevalent misconceptions of all the singles. They think to be in a relationship means you have no individual life. Both the partners will stick to each other and are dependent on each other’s decision. However, the case is different, people who are in a relationship do have desires and aspirations which they aim to achieve.

A relationship is a fairytale: Imagining that perfect castle and a prince charming on a white horse are all the stories of an imaginary world. In the real world, the life is too practical and harsh on people in a relationship. They have to struggle to be together and make the things work out well.

You won’t ever be alone if you are in a relationship: People often believe that relationship will fill the void in their life. However, this is not the case. Some people still feel lonely when they are in a relationship. They do not get that emotional support from their partner. Besides this, there comes a time when one wants to be alone. So just a tag of relationship is not enough to solve your problems.

We can conclude by saying, that we all envy by seeing others life. Walk in their shoes for a day and realise the difficulties they are undergoing. Life is not as easy as it seems to be. So celebrate where you are and make the most of it. A relationship is not the answer to your questions.

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