Moving on- Signs it’s the time to give up on your crush

Time to let go of your crush

It is the time to let go of your crush

When you have a crush on someone, your life changes. You feel the need to gain his or her attention. There is a gentle feeling of affection towards your crush and you wish to be around the one person only. However, this doesn’t mean that your crush is going to feel the same. In fact, in most cases, the crush changes into an unattainable goal. Despite your best efforts, you simply can’t win him or her over. So, it is better to know when to stop, otherwise, you will continue to pour your heart and soul into the person and you will end up with pain. (Also read: What are the signs that your love is just one-sided love)

Signs that you need to give up pursuing your crush

  • There is no gesture from their side
  • He/she doesn’t appreciate you
  • There is someone else
  • You two are not compatible
  • Unavailable
  1. There is no gesture from their side
    Take a bit of time and think of the actions of your crush. When you step out of the bubble of infatuation you will notice their approach. If your crushing never making any effort to get involved with then it is not a good sign.

    If there is no gesture  then it is time let go of your crush

  2. He/she doesn’t appreciate you
    You can try all you want but you know deep down he or she is not appreciative of your actions. It might be a hard pill to swallow but you need to accept the way things are and give up you feeling towards the crush. (Also read: How to get out of the Friendzone)
  3. There is someone else
    You might be really into your crush but he or she is actually pinning for someone else. In that situation, you need to step back from the situation, because even if your crush shows interest, it might be in terms of “back up plan.”

    Time to let go of your crush
    If there is somebody else then it is the time to let go of your crush

  4. You two are not compatible
    To materialise any relationship, you need to have compatibility. Often our crushes are based on attraction that is based on the looks. So, if you know that in fact he or she is not in sync with your thinking, better put a stop. There are ways to stop thinking about your crush. Click the link to know.
  5. Unavailable
    If your crush is simply unavailable for a relationship, then there is no point in pursuing it. Accept the situation and move on. It might be he or she is not looking for anything.

    Thus, it is better to let things be. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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