Why men never want be in relationship with a dominating girlfriend

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Why men never want be in relationship with a dominating girlfriend

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A relationship is based on mutual love and respect. It is important for both of the partners to feel comfortable with each other. However, some girls don’t understand this and act really dominating in a relationship. They start to treat their boyfriend like a puppet. This might go on for a while but in the long run, it is just a harmful trait. It makes the man avoid his girlfriend or break the relationship. It is important to have a relationship based on equality instead of just fear. Let’s discuss why men never want to be with a dominating girlfriend. (Also read: What are the signs that you are someone’s rebound option)

Constant fear 
When a guy has a dominating girlfriend he doesn’t feel comfortable in sharing his feelings. This happens as the guy thinks that his girlfriend might not listen to him or get angry. Therefore, it is not healthy for any relationship.

Losing the own identity
When a guy has a dominating girlfriend, then in some ways he loses his own identity. He loses his sense of pride as his girlfriend always dominates him and he can’t live life in his ways. For even simple plans he has to ask his girlfriend. (Also read: How to tell a guy that you don’t like him)

No man likes to be known as someone who is whipped by his girlfriend. It is embarrassing for him, as when his dominating girlfriend puts him down in front of his friends, it becomes a breaking point. It shows that the man is weak and pathetic.

Too much demanding
It is natural to demand few things in a relationship. However, for a dominating girlfriend, nothing is enough for her. She turns really dominating and the man finds it hard to fulfil her demand. It makes him feel worthless.

Kills the personal bonds
Apart from a relationship, there are many other bonds that are important for the man. It includes his family and friends. A dominating girlfriend kills all these bonds.  (Also read: What mistakes can make you lose the love of a strong woman)

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