Which marriage advice you must ignore

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Which marriage advice you must ignore

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When you are converting your love affair to marriage then you get all sorts of advice and opinions from your friends and family. Everyones is entitled to their own opinion about marriage, and thus they like to pass on the wisdom that they have gained. These pieces of advice can be positive as well as negative. It depends on the person’s experience of the marriage. So, you must refrain from following this advice blindly. Every couple is unique and so is every individual. You have to decide for yourself as to how you can make your married life better.

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If your partner is right, then married life is easy
For marriage, it is important that both partners stay in sync and there is healthy communication. It can’t be a one-sided thing. So, if someone is telling you that once you marry the right partner then your life will easy then it wrong. It is important to put in some efforts.

Your partner should be your bestfriend
If your partner is your bestfriend then you can share anything to everything with him or her. However, this is not a condition for a successful marriage. If you feel your partner is not really your bestfriend, then don’t create unnecessary pressure. Just focus on strengthing the bond.

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You should tell your partner everything
It is good to have transparency in a marriage. You must be able to talk to your partner in a carefree manner. This doesn’t mean you have to fetch every trivial detail of your life.

Apologize even when you are not wrong
Often girls are asked to be apologetic even when they are not at fault. It is a wrong thing. If you and your partner are having troubles then have a discussion about it, don’t just apologise blindly for it.

Your partner is perfect
Nobody can be completely flawless. So, it is important that accept the flaws of your partner as well. Don’t expect too much and make the marriage work.

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