Manipulative partner: Signs that your partner is constantly manipulating you

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Manipulative partner sign

Common signs of a manipulative partner

Manipulative partner signs: Relationships are supposed to make your life better and happier. After all, people spend all their time and energy in finding that one person who makes their days better and full of life. However, sometimes you end up with a wrong person. In fact, you find a partner who is actually controlling and manipulating. This means that they constantly try to make you do things as per their own accord. You often miss out on the signs of it as you are too emotionally invested in the relationship. In that situation, there are certain signs that you must look for, as they can help you to tell you if your partner is manipulating you. (Also read: Why men never want to be in a relationship with a dominating girlfriend)

Manipulative partner signs:

  • Doesn’t let you have your own opinion
  • Makes you feel guilty
  • Lowers your self-confidence
  • Makes you feel insecure
  • Constantly lies

Doesn’t let you have your own opinion

You can’t have your own opinion of your partner is manipulative

The most common sign of a manipulative partner is that he doesn’t let you have your own opinion about thins. He/she wants you to think in their own way. If you have a different way of thinking, then they jump to make you feel bad for it. (Also read: What are the signs that your partner is taking you for granted)

Makes you feel guilty
Even if you are doing something that is perfectly normal for you like meeting your friends for dinner, it doesn’t sit well with you manipulative partner. They make you feel guilty about such things.

Lowers your self-confidence

Manipulative partner sign
A manipulative partner lowers down your confidence

Self-confidence is important to leave a lasting impression in life. However, a manipulative partner kills your self-esteem so that they can control your life.

Makes you feel insecure
You constantly afraid of not living up to your partner’s expectations and you feel that they’ll leave you. This is the work of a manipulative partner, they play on your insecurities and make you a weak person.

Constantly lies
For a manipulative person, it is easy to tell lies. They do the same in a relationship. The lies are an easy way to manipulate a person. (Also read: What are the things that can make a woman insecure)

So, stay clear of such a person. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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