How To Make Your Partner Feel Comfortable While Making Love

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How To Make Your Partner Feel Comfortable While Making Love

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A relationship needs love, trust and attraction. If you do not have a physical attraction towards your partner, your relationship will not last long. Everybody has physical needs. But it is not necessary that your partner should feel free and comfortable while making love. It is all about how you make your partner feel in bed. No matter how old your relationship is, but while making love, a little hesitation and discomfort is common. But, it is your responsibility to make your partner feel comfortable while making love. Hence, have a look how you can make lovemaking comfortable and hesitation free for your partner. (Also Read: How Can You Revive The Spark In Your Sexual Life)

Talk about it:
While making love, the first thing you should remember that nothing happens suddenly. You have to talk about it. Make your partner understand what you want. Other than that, your partner may feel a little hesitant as she may not wanting the same thing. You can talk about it clearly and let her understand she is safe with you can feel better. Other than that, talking about it can remove all the hesitation.

Create an ambience:
When you are making an ambience, it clearly says that you want to charge up your partner too. You can arrange a candlelight dinner and you both can have an amazingly romantic time together. Moreover, praise her a little about her looks and her sizzling appearance. These all can make the mood and make her food comfortable with you. (Also Read: How To Please Your Man Sexually That He Will Crave For You More)

Go slowly:
If you want to make your partner feel comfortable with you, you have to move forward slowly. Nothing can be done suddenly. This can make your lady feel uncomfortable or hesitant. So, move gradually in the bed. Do not do anything fast and furiously.

Remove all distractions:
Make sure your focus is completely on your partner. Distractions like, phone, television can make both of you feel uncomfortable. Even these distractions can make your sexual drive low. You may feel less excited as well. So, remove these distractions and tune in some romantic jazz or instrumentals.

Do more cuddling and adoring:
While making love, making your partner feel better and comfortable is the important thing. So, do not make her feel hesitant by doing everything directly. Do some more cuddling, hugging, kissing and adoring. This will definitely make your partner feel comfortable and a little more desirable. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Of A Bad Kisser)

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