How to make your Friends With Benefits relationship successful

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How to make your Friends With Benefits relationship successful

‘Friends with benefits’ mean that you indulge in a physical relationship with your friend but you do not have any emotional connection with each other. You both understand the sexual needs of each other and satisfy them. But you do not involve in any exchange of feelings and emotions with one another. This is quite a critical and complicated tag of a relationship. If you actually want it to work, you have to take care of a lot of things so that it does not hurt any of you. Your friendship is always at the stake in such type of relationship. Thus, let’s discuss how can you make your friends with benefits relationship work. (Also read: How to ask a guy to hang out with you)

How to make your Friends With Benefits relationship successful?

Do not have any feelings: Do not keep any feelings for your ‘friends with benefits’ partner. If you both are only ‘friends with benefits’ then you are not allowed to have any feelings of love for each other. When the feelings go out of control, it becomes extremely difficult to hold them.

Talk to them openly: If you want to be in a ‘friend with benefits’ relationship, then you should first talk openly and freely with your friend. Talking freely will simplify the things between the two of you that there is no scope of emotions between you both. If you tend to develop any feelings for them, then talk to them openly. (Also read: Why choose a partner who loves you more than you love them)

Keep the friendship strong: You both should have a strong friendship. Your physical relationships should not hamper the bond between the two of you. If you both do not have any feelings for each other then your friendship will sustain.

Set the rules: You can’t be in ‘friends with benefits’ relationship without setting the rules. Therefore, it is advisable to set the rules in the beginning only so that there are no problems later on. First set the rule of what you both will do next after this.

Do not behave like partners: In a situation of ‘friends with benefits,’ you both must not behave like partners. You can’t claim them as your partner. Do not make any such plans which involve you both as a couple. (Also read: How to keep your man from getting attracted to other women)

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