Major Reasons Which Can Make Her Leave You And Find Another Man

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Falling in love give you all the butterflies. You seem to share every good and bad moment with each other. Whatever the scenario is, life revolves around you two together. Your girl makes you feel that you are her world and that’s true too. She loves you unconditionally. But what if she finds another man with whom she feels more comfortable? Your relationship may be running smooth but suddenly you can feel that your lady has drifted away from you. You start seeking answers but the fact is, you are the question itself. Below mentioned are the major reasons which can make your girl leave you and find another man. [Also Read: What are the types of emotional abuse women usually encounter by their partner]

Your Dominant Nature:

Girls do like dominant guys, however, dominance can take shape of caring as well as controlling. Your ‘controlling her life’ efforts may have drifted her away from you and now she has found the person who can understand and cares for her.

The Lack Of Personal Space:

If she is out with her friends, your frequent phone calls and texts may make her feel that you don’t trust her or you do not want her to move out without you. If this is the case, then remember, girls feel great in their personal space and if you hamper that, you may land in trouble. She may feel that she made a wrong choice by loving you. [Also Read: What is the power of an apology in a relationship]

Monotony In You:

If you do not take efforts to put a spark in your relationship or you are too into yourself then she may too feel that the relationship isn’t working. Not talking enough to her, not sharing the personal moments and not giving her enough time can get her away with you.

The More Of Fear Than Love:

If she fears you more than she loves you then you relationship lands nowhere. Your nature may make her feel scared even if she has to speak a word to you. Therefore, if this is the case, she may find someone, who can love her wholeheartedly without scaring her.

You Lie A Lot:

The unnecessary lies ruin the relationship like hell. She may not point you out but she may encounter whenever you lied to her. Thus, she may not utter a word and just leave you. [Also Read: Things You Should Commit If You Want To Be In A Happy Relationship]

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