Liking a friend: How to make your friend like you more

Ways to make your friend like you

Liking a friend: One must show some love to the friend, whom they like.

Liking a friend: We all have that one friend in our life whom we secretly like. At times we become vocal about our feelings towards that friend and sometimes we hide our feelings. The fear of losing the friend is bigger than any other thing in life. Friendship is another name for love. It is natural to like a friend of the opposite sex and love them for what they are. But at times, it becomes difficult to express the love. If the love is single sided it is an even worse situation. Thus, here are some ways in which you can make your friend like you. (Also read: What to do in case you do not like the friends of your partner)

Liking a friend: Ways to make your friend like you?

  • Stop discussing love life issues
  • Show your love side
  • Have meaningful conversation
  • Flirt with them
  • Take interest in their hobbies

Stop discussing love life issues
When we discuss the love life issues with a friend, he/she automatically gets the idea that you don’t feel for them. You should not discuss the ups and downs of your love life with the friend you have started liking.

Show your love side
Shower some love to the friend you like. Show this how you will be as a partner. The picture of you as a partner will excite your friend. He might want you in life as a partner.

Have meaningful conversation

How to make your friend like you
Liking a friend: If you like your friend and want him to like you, talk to them deeply.

Not always but little deep and meaningful conversations with a friend you like always work. You have to talk deeply with them to come closer to them. It will help you both to know each other better.

Flirt with them
A little flirting and wooing always work. Flirt with your friend and give them the glimpse of your love. This will definitely make them think about you. Show your chirpy side and let them get open up with you.

Take interest in their hobbies
The mutual interests and hobbies often bring the people closer. If you want your friend to like you more, then you must start taking interest in their hobbies. This will help you to stay close to your friend.

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These are some of the smart ways to stay close to a friend and let them like you even more. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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