What could be your life if Virat Kohli had been your boyfriend

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What could be your life if Virat Kohli had been your boyfriend

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You will certainly go crazy on your nerves if one day you wake up as Virat Kohli’s girlfriend! We often fantasise to be by the side of our favourite star. Virat Kohli, the captain of Indian cricket team is a heartthrob of the entire Nation. Right from kids to elders, everyone is going gaga over him. His perfect looks, that beard, performance on the cricket ground and success rate all have contributed to make him the man of dream. Most of the girls adore Virat Kohli to an extent that they imagine their life as his girlfriend. So, in order to give a light to your imagination power, let’s make you aware of how life will treat you if you are going to be Virat Kohli’s girlfriend. (Also read: Learn from Virat Kohli on how to convert your anger and aggression into success)

What could be your life if Virat Kohli had been your boyfriend?

The best and the most good looking eligible boyfriend: You shall be crowned as the blessed one if Virat Kohli had been your boyfriend. He is the hunk and the most eligible bachelor in the Industry. Not only his good looks but his sense of humour and those dimples will make you fall in love with him more and more with each passing day.

Being in the highlights: Being Virat Kohli’s girlfriend, is a luxury in itself. You shall be in limelight for all your regular visits to him. Your seeing together would become a public affair. You would have captured all the attention from the cameras and automatically become a part of the popularity contest in a way. (Also read: Virat Kohli’s Fitness Secret: Know About His Diet And Workout Plan)

A dream wedding: Your wedding will be a dream wedding. It will be the ‘talk of the town’. Marrying such an eligible bachelor of the industry will be a dream in itself. Therefore, you will get to meet up the entire Indian cricket team along with the famous faces from the industry. Thus, you will feel like a celebrity yourself.

You will become fit yourself: Walking by the side of such a fit and healthy boyfriend like Virat Kohli is an inspiration itself. He will always motivate you for staying fit. Like Virat Kohli is quite punctual to his fitness goals, he will also try to motivate you towards staying fit.

Respect: Virat Kohli respects woman and stands up in their support. You’ll feel blissful by being Virat Kohli’s girlfriend and will be able to celebrate your relationship. You will not have to bother about love and respect in life. Also, he will stand up for you in all the bitter phases of life.

Might bring jealousy: If Virat Kohli had been your boyfriend, your life would not have been that easy. Besides all the good things, there will be a life which will bother you. Being in limelight always will snatch your privacy. It will make you both a public affair. Besides this, any of your personal dates will not be private anymore. Each of your moves will be at a watch.

Thus, being Virat Kohli’s girlfriend is not an easy task. There is a lot that has been expected of you. The more fun it looks from outside, it is a web of lot many expectations and hopes. (Also read: What are the things you can reveal on your first date)

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