How to know if the kiss meant something serious or was just a casual one

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How to know if the kiss meant something serious or was just a casual one

Every kiss has a different meaning behind it. Not all the kisses suggest the seriousness fo a relationship. At times, the way our partner kisses us tells a lot about our relationship. Besides this, it also helps us to know whether our partner is serious about us and the relationship or it is just a casual thing for them. A powerful and strong kiss helps to know how passionate is our partner for us. When someone kisses us or we kiss someone, we experience a lot of chemical rush in our body. This is adrenaline rush. Beleive it or not, a single kiss can tell a lot about your relationship and your bond with your partner. (Also read: Which signs suggest that you are not ready to move-in with your partner)

How to know if the kiss meant something serious or was just a casual one?

You actually felt it: Kiss is not just a physical touch but an emotional touch too. It helps to know your deeper feelings and tells you a lot about your relationship. If you actually felt something after kissing your partner, you need to take it seriously. Listen to what your heart says.

A slow kiss: A slow kiss helps to exchange those feelings with a strong connection. It helps to convey your feelings to your partner in a passionate manner. If the kiss is slow and means nothing to you, then it was a fling. However, if you actually felt goosebumps and were able to get accessed to the feelings, it suggests something serious in your relationship. (Also read: How does our brain respond when we are in love)

Change in their behaviour: If you feel a sudden shift in their behaviour after they have kissed you, then it definitely means something else. They become more caring and concerned about you. This suggests that they love you and are bothered about you.

You were out of senses: If the kiss happened when you both were intoxicated then you should not take it seriously. You both were not in your senses and this happened out of intoxication. However, if you both kissed while you both were in senses, then it really means something.

You think more about it: If a kiss really means something to you, then you will definitely think about it. It is natural that we often think about the good things that happen to us. We plan our future, we think about a date with that person, we want to kiss them again. All these things suggest that the kiss was a serious one and really meant something to both of you. (Also read: Why is love important for our health)

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