How to kiss: Best way to kiss your partner to make him crazy for you

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Best tips to kiss the partner to drive him crazy

Kissing tips: One must kiss the partner perfectly to make him crazy for you

How to kiss: If you are in a relationship, you must be knowing the excitement that comes along with the feeling of love. Your world revolves around that single person. You want your partner to think only about you. If you want to that the romance between your partner and you should remain intact. Thus, one must follow some easy tips to kiss the partner in the right way so that he goes mad for you. Kiss is not just a physical connection. It is an emotional connection that brings two partners close to each other. Let’s discuss how can you kiss your partner perfectly so that he goes crazy for you. (Also read: How to know if the kiss meant something serious or was just a casual one)

How to kiss perfectly: Things to keep in mind while kissing the partner

  • Make the kiss memorable
  • Don’t be in a hurry
  • Use your hands
  • Don’t just kiss the lips only
  • Show your emotions

Make the kiss memorable

Tips to do the best kiss to your partner
How to kiss the partner: One must make the first week memorable.

When you kiss your partner, try to make it memorable. You have to keep in mind even the slightest of thing. Make sure you don’t smell bad and your lips are soft. You can moisturise your lips.

Don’t be in a hurry
Don’t make your partner feel that you are in a hurry while kissing them. Take adequate time. If you will be in a rush, this will make your partner understand that you are not interested in the kiss. (Also read: When is the right time to kiss your partner)

Use your hands

How to kiss the partner in the right way.
How to kiss: One must use their hands while kissing their partner to make it more effective.

While kissing your partner, involve the other body parts too. If you use your hands properly then you will feel the kiss in a better way. You can keep the hands on the chest of your partner while kissing him.

Don’t just kiss the lips only
Don’t just use a single way to kiss your partner. It’s not necessary that you will only kiss on their lips. You can kiss on their cheeks and their neck too. This helps to make the kiss more memorable. (Also read: How can a single kiss help you to improve your sexual life)

Show your emotions
Kissing is not only about physical attraction. It involves your emotions too. Thus, while kissing your partner, you should show your emotions and feel them. Make them know, how important the kiss is for you.

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These are some of the tips to make your kiss the best one so far. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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