Why Do You Keep Falling For The Wrong Men

Why Do You Keep Falling For The Wrong Men

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Broken heart, sad feelings are all that you are left with after your multiple breakups. Why everytime you have to undergo such feeling? This is happening because you keep falling for the wrong men again and again. Maybe you are confused in your state of love and definitely, do not know whom do you want to be your life partner. If you also can relate to these things, you are not alone. Your multiple breakups are nothing but your wrong choices of men. You should have a look at the following and know why such things are happening with you. Have a look! (Also Read: What Are The Things You Learn When You Are In A Good Relationship)

You love to be needed by someone:
Yes, it is nice to feel needed by someone. This feeling makes you fall for the wrong person. Falling for someone is not bad, but you have to think about the other perspectives as well instead of just analysing their need for you.

You need constant drama in your life:
You can not deal with boredom. Besides this, you always want someone to be with you as a support of life. This feeling makes you fall for people very easily. But, before falling for anyone, you have to check if the man is right for you or not. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Which Say That He Is A Serial Cheater)

You do not know whom you want:
You are not sure whom do you want in your life. Your choice of men is nothing but quite vague. Maybe you have to understand who will be right for you. This is the reason you keep falling for the wrong guy who breaks your heart.

You believe that love can change a person:
Love cannot change a person. In fact, changing anyone cannot be a part of the healthy relationship. You can not make a person love you forcefully.

Keep pretending to be a different person in your love life:
In the life you mostly meet those who are quite different, eventually, you have to pretend a lot in front of them. For example, you do not love poetry or jazz music, but you are pretending as if you do so that you get the attention of a man who likes it. But later on, you will realise that you can not carry on your relationship by pretending to be someone you are not. (Also Read: What Are The Things You Should Say To Your Husband)

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