Is your relationship based on love or just lust

Does the basis of your relationship is love or just lust

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There is a very thin line between categorising your relationship as love relationship or lust relationship. Having a physical relationship is not a bad thing but forgetting the love and making all lust is not what actually a true relationship. A loving relationship can turn into a sexual relationship but it actually takes a lot of time for a sexual relationship to turn into love. Our body talks a lot when our words can’t. No matter how hard we try to hide our feelings, our body language speaks that all. Similarly, our body also marks a difference between love and lust. (Also read: What are the dark sides of being in an open relationship)

More importance to outer beauty: If the basis of a relationship is only lust, then your partner will only consider your outer beauty. He/she will not be bothered about how beautiful your heart is! In fact, he/she will hardly know about your inner self and your true feelings.

Need fire and spice in a relationship: Those relationships which only have sex and no connection are the weakest relations. They will only look out for a spice in life which is the only sexual relationship. Knowing each other more is out of the question.

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Always want more sex: If the basis of your relationship is sex and lust, then you will always find your partner complaining about the lack of sex you both have. He/ she will never discuss anything else than the need for more sexual pleasure. Besides this, all the plans they will make will have lustful desires.

Connection fades away: A sexual relationship is a desire of the body but an emotional bond is the need of the soul.If you feel that the only connection between your souls is your body, then trust us, you are in a lustful relationship. A romantic and loving relationship needs to settle the need of the soul by creating an emotional bond.

No exchange of feelings: We all share and want to get heard by someone we love. The lack of that someone special even after being in a relationship, suggests the incompleteness in you. You don’t have anyone to share your heart out with. This suggests that you don’t have anyone too close in your life to share your feelings with. All you have is a sexual partner. (Also read: What should you do if your partner does not reply you back)

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