Is your partner having an emotional affair

Is your partner having an emotional affair

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Is your partner is not in a sexual relationship with someone else but still remain detached from you? If your partner is spending too much time talking to someone on phone and emails and not devoting you enough time, then there is something wrong. Having an extramarital affair does not only means sleeping with someone else. It may be having an emotional affair with someone other than your partner. Not all partners are attached to each other physically and emotionally too. Sometimes the base of your relationship is just lust and a person craves for an emotional satisfaction. And this emotional satisfaction, he gains from another partner. (Also read: Is your relationship based on love or just lust)

Here are some signs that suggest if your partner is having an emotional affair:

If your partner is actually into an extramarital affair and calling it something casual, you should take a check. Not all the causal relationships are casual in a way. If you being a wedded life or being in a relationship, can’t satisfy the emotional needs of your partner and your partner is seeking someone else then be cautious!

You should make a note that an emotional affair of your partner can harm your personal relationship with your partner. It might be the emotional connection with someone else that might take your partner far away from you. Thus, it is mandatory that you try to be an emotional support for your partner. (Also read: What the things you must change when you enter in a relationship)

If the behavioural pattern of partner changes altogether, then there is something you should keep a check on. Besides this, if your partner is into his mobile phone, emails and calls all the time and neglecting you for the same, then you need to be careful.

If your partner avoids an eye contact with you, then you should talk to him openly. He might be hiding something. If you are unable to talk openly, watch out his actions.

The sudden coming back to your partner’s ‘ex’ in his life is not a happy sign. There constant interaction with each other and the emotional bond might stake your relationship. Thus, you should always keep a check and make sure you are there when he wants that emotional connection. (Also read: What are the dark sides of being in an open relationship)

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