Is your boyfriend not ready for a long term relationship

Is your boyfriend not ready for a long term relationship

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The relationship is about two people who are willing to invest themselves completely in each other. However, it is not always the case. Every person is different, and their ideas about love and relationships are different as well. It is important to understand the perspective the other person before starting to dream about a long-term relationship. If your boyfriend is not looking for a long time commitment then, it is better to be on the same page with him. Otherwise, lack of communication can lead to a heartbreak. Sometimes, you can focus on few signs that can inform you that your boyfriend is not looking for a long-term relationship or commitment.

He never fulfils his promises
A person who is there just for a short-term fling doesn’t keep his promises. He might say things to make you believe in him, but his actions are completely opposite of it.

He doesn’t wish to label the relationship
Someone who doesn’t believe in the concept of long-lasting love will never label the relationship. He will avoid any discussion about the stage of the relationship, which is a sign of his lack of commitment.

He hasn’t introduced to his friends or family
People who are afraid of a commitment usually avoid to let their partner into their life completely. He doesn’t want you to meet his friends or family. Your partner avoids meeting your friends as well, as in his mind it is a sign of a long-term commitment.

He acts according to his mood
He often acts like a spoiled child. Often he shows no sense of emotional maturity which is must for a long-term relationship. Your boyfriend acts irresponsible and lazy all the time.

He doesn’t discuss the future plan
Whenever you try to talk to talk to him about future plans and ideas, he seems to avoid the conversation. He always has excuses ready to get out of the conversation. He doesn’t clearly involve you in the major decision-making process.

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