Is updating a relationship status on social media only means true love

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Is updating a relationship status on social media only means a true love

No social media platform is strong enough that it can suggest the basis of your relationship. Many people have this misconception of showcasing their love affair on social media as if it is something that people actually care about. People fail to understand that it is not what people are looking for on any media platform. Your relationship status has nothing to do with others, then why so much of PDA? The true sense of love is almost losing its ground these days. People believe in show offs more than anything else in the world. They do not realise that an update of relationship status can’t suggest the loyalty of a person nor it can help you to feel more secure than before. (Also read: How to overcome the pain of losing a best friend)

Is updating a relationship status on social media only means a true love?

A sense of security: Well, most of the people think that updating their relationship status on Facebook or any other platform will make their love more strong. It will give them the security they are looking for. Announcing your relationship to the world will boost their self-esteem and give them a sense of relaxation.

Strong believer of PDA: Some people only follow the mantra of public display of affection. They think, being vocal or being open about their relationship to the world will make it stronger. Well, my friend, you are a mistake! This makes completely no difference to the people. There are millions of other things, that people are interested in, instead of your relationship status. (Also read: What are the personality traits in a girl that usually attracts a guy)

You only care about what people think about you: It’s simple, you are in a relationship and it has to be your business. Why do you want to display it to the world? Will it make even stronger? No! Stop bothering your partner for announcing it on social media. People do not have sufficient time to think about your life and your relationship status. And for God’s sake, stop giving masala to the people who talk behind your back.

Why updating relationship status on social media will not make a difference in the long run?

  • There are millions of people on social media platforms. You only invite trouble to your life by being so open about your personal life on social media. It doesn’t affect people for how much do you love your partner or whether you both are going to marry or not unless you are a celebrity!
  • No social media update can define whether your partner is loyal to you or not. So, stop doing these kiddish things.
  • Value the feelings of the person rather than his social media status.
  • Keep some personal things between you and your partner. Don’t make your life an exhibition. Your personal moments should be yours, why do you want the world to witness it?
  • No social media can regulate the quality of your relationship. So stop bothering about the little things. Even if your partner doesn’t update his relationship status on social media, then it should not make any difference to you. (Also read: How to ignore a guy if you want to end all connections with him)
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