What are the most important rules to follow when you move in together

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What are the most important rules to follow when you move in together

When you feel really comfortable n a relationship, all you want to be is to take it forward. There are many ways to take the next step. Some people opt for telling their family or a traditional way of proposing. However, there are few couples who like to move forward by moving in together. As the name suggests, it means that they decide to live together. When you actually start to live together there are many things that happen. It can be a fun filled experience or a complete disaster. If you want to make the moving in experience the best for you, then you need to follow few rules. (Also read: What things you should tell your partner every day)

Divide the chores
Even though living together seems like a dream come true, you have to stay rooted in the reality. so, divide the task accordingly. Living together means you have to contribute to the task as well. If you don’t do that it will lead to fighting between you two.

Plan the finance
There is no such thing as a free lunch. So, before moving in, consider the financial position of both of you. Make a well thought and sound plan that includes the division of bills in an appropriate and mutually decided manner.  (Also read: What Are The Signs That She’s Not Worth The Efforts You Are Putting)

Keep the place clean
Everyone feels better when they are in a hygienic and clean area. So, when you two move in together make sure you have the right plan to keep the place neat and clean. Have a separate closet space and keep it organized.

Make time for each other
When you decide to move in together, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to put any efforts in the relationship. Always make sure you treat your relationship in the right way.

Respect the personal space
Everyone has a different concept of personal space. So, understand its importance for your partner. That will help you to avoid any problems.  (Also read: What to do when you are stuck with a bad date)

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