Ignoring someone: How to gain someone’s attention by ignoring them

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what are the ways to gain someone's attention by ignoring them

How to gain attention: One must ignore the person to gain his attention.

Ignoring someone: We all try various techniques to attract someone we like. It often happens to us that the person we like does not respond to us positively. Hence, we must try out an effective technique to catch hold of their attention. Well, ignorance will surely help you win the game. If you really want to attract someone towards you, you have to start playing around the game of ignorance. A little ignorance is enough to bring you closer to the person you like. Here are some effective techniques which will not only help you to get closer to your crush but they will also give you proper attention. (Also read: Ignoring partner: What are the probable reasons your partner is ignoring you)

Ignoring someone: What are the effective ways to attract someone’s attention?

  • Talk to them first
  • Don’t ignore yourself
  • Talk to them rarely
  • Don’t show your emotions
  • Stop treating them as special

Talk to them first

how to gain someone's attention by ignoring them
Ignoring someone: One can seek attention by ignoring the person.

Everything will go in vain if the person does not know what is troubling you. You must convey your feelings to them to make them understand. Simple ignoring them when they do not even know the matter will serve you no good.

Don’t ignore yourself
In the race of ignoring them, don’t ignore your own self. You like them and it is true. To ignore them, you don’t have to torture yourself. Don’t let yourself become heartless.

Talk to them rarely
Ignoring them completely will turn the tables upside down. Talk to them rarely and avoid getting into deep conversations. Just talk to them casually and rarely.

Don’t show your emotions
Try to avoid your emotions when you talk to them. Let your feelings and emotions remain hidden. Avoid talking emotionally or about your emotions. Try to keep your emotions under the blanket.

Stop treating them as special
If we treat someone in a special manner, they often think highly of themselves. Stop treating them in a special manner. Treat them as a normal person and the way you treat others.

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These are some of the most common ways to attract someone’s attention by ignoring them. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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