Ignoring partner: What are the probable reasons your partner is ignoring you

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Most common reasons why your partner ignores you

There can be a lot of reasons because of which your partner ignores you

Ignoring partner: Be it friendship, dating or relationship, ignorance is not good at all. It hurts the person so much so that he/she feels unwanted or undesired. It often happens in many relationships, that over the period of time, one of the partners starts ignoring the other one. No matter how happy your relationship was going until now, there is a phase which disturbs the equation between the couple. It leads to fights, cold treatment, absolutely no conversation etc. which leads to greater problems in the relationship. One feels frustrated and fails to understand the sudden cause of ignorance. Let’s find out the probable reasons for ignorance in the relationship. (Also read: Ignoring sadness may increase problems)

Why your partner is ignoring you all of a sudden?

  • He is not serious with you
  • Interested in someone else
  • He is unsure of his feelings
  • Wants to slow it down
  • Might be hurt

He is not serious with you
If your partner is not serious with you, he will definitely do such things like ignoring you and not giving you sufficient time. They just find reasons to ignore you for even the little things you do. He is just playing games with you. If that is the case, you must talk to them openly. (Also read: What are the various signs that your partner does not care about you at all)

Interested in someone else

Ignoring partner can spoil the entire relationship
If your partner ignores you, you must talk to them. Source: askopinion.com

Your partner might be interested in someone else and this is the prime reason that he is ignoring you. When people are not serious, they often look out for options. Once they get a little click they move ahead easily by ignoring you. In that case, you must move out of the relationship as soon as possible.

He is unsure of his feelings
Certain times, a person is unsure of his feelings. Confusion, unsure behaviour etc. are few signs to show that the person can’t make up his mind. If your partner is ignoring you, he might be trying to figure out what it seems like when you are not around or can he like away from you. If this is the trick, you must try to sort out the things. (Also read: What to do when your partner is ignoring you)

Wants to slow it down
Some people, dislike the sudden rush that relationship brings along. They want to take the things slowly and thus they try to part their ways or ignore their partner to move slowly. Love brings a lot of rush and some people are not as comfortable as they are introvert. However, it is must to talk to them. (Also read: Relationship tips: Reasons why he is not texting you back)

Might be hurt

Reasons why your partner is ignoring you
If your partner is hurt and annoyed, he might ignore you.

Sometimes, we do certain mistakes without even realising. This hurts our partner and then instead of fighting they start ignoring you. In such a case, you try to sort the matter by talking to them. Communication is must to fill the gap between the two people.

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These are some of the reasons why a person ignores his/her partner. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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