How to ignore: Effective ways to ignore someone who is ignoring you already

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Keep yourself busy and try to ignore your partner if he ignores you.

How to ignore: We all have heard of the phrase, Ignorance is bliss. Well, it is indeed true. It is quite hurtful to know that someone is ignoring you. You have to hold on to yourself in order to ignore someone. Controlling the feelings is not easy but you have to do it as long as it is for your sake. If a person is already ignoring you, you must also ignore them to make them realise how it feels. Also, by doing this you will give an impression that it does not matter to you as such whether that person talks to you or not. Trust us, in such situations reverse therapy works. If not, then it is definite that they did not want to talk to you actually. (Also read: Ignoring someone: How to gain someone’s attention by ignoring them)

How to ignore: How to ignore someone who is already ignoring you for some reason?

  • Keep yourself busy
  • Start talking to someone else
  • Take out time to pursue your hobby
  • Leave your phone for sometime
  • Hide your feelings

Keep yourself busy
You must try to keep yourself busy in order to ignore them. If you keep thinking about them, you will not be able to ignore them. Try to keep yourself occupied most of the times.

Start talking to someone else

how to ignore someone who is ignoring you
If your partner is ignoring you, you must start talking to someone else.

It is human nature. To ignore someone, you must start talking to someone else. This will help you to keep yourself busy and also you will miss that person less. You will start giving your time to the person you are talking to.

Take out time to pursue your hobby
When we stay occupied in something we like, we often have less time. So, take out time for your hobbies. Do what you like more. It will help you to keep engaged and will also enable you to devote time to your hobbies.

Leave your phone for sometime
Staying attached and connected to your phone will never allow you to ignore them. You will eventually message the person who is ignoring you. So, keep your phone aside or go on social media detox. This will prevent you from messaging that person.

Hide your feelings
You must try to hide your feelings whenever they are around you. In fact, you must keep your feelings light and sober to yourself. Do not talk about missing and ignoring him. This will ignite the feelings of him/her more and you will fail to ignore them.

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You can try these tips to ignore someone who is not talking to you and is ignoring you. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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