How to win over a guy who already has a girlfriend

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How to win over a guy who already has a girlfriend

It can be difficult to be in love with a guy who is already committed. You can sigh and dream all you want, but he is already holding someone else’s hand. At times like this, all you think about is “what if there was a way to enter his heart”. The matter of love and affections can be little tricky but if you know the right way then you can fulfil your heart’s desire. However, it is important to be fair in these ways. So, let’s find out the right way to woo a guy who already has a girlfriend. (Also read: How to impress your mother in law)

Be his friend
The best way to gain a guy’s attention and trust is becoming his friend. Talk to him, try to get him to open up. Share parts of your life as well. This give and take of affection will form a friendship.

Be the emotional support
When you turn into his good friend, he’ll start depending on you for emotional support. Listen to him when he is feeling low and down and try to cheer him up. (Also read: What are the signs that your boyfriend is faking his niceness)

Impress him
When you are around him, make sure you are dressed to the aces. Dressing up doesn’t mean you’ll try too hard to impress him. Just be comfortable with your style and make sure he notices you.

Stay confident
The key thing to attract a guy’s attention is confidence. Especially, when he is around his girlfriend. Don’t let anything faze you out in front of him.

Win the heart of his friends
To win the heart of a guy, it is important that you figure out a way to win over his friends. Be polite and magnetic in front of them. Impress them with your personality and soon they’ll be singing your tunes. (Also read: How to keep the romance alive after having kids)

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