How to use silent treatment in a positive way in the relationship

How to use silent treatment in positive way in a relationship

Often people fight in a relationship. Even the most compatible couple have their difference. There are many ways in which the people share their anger, some people lash out while other tend to stop talking. The silent treatment is a way to react when you are angry. During this, the person stops talking to his or her partner. Some people think of the silent treatment as an immature technique that creates problems in a relationship. However, if you use it the right way the silent treatment can actually be a help. Let’s find out more about it. (Also read: Why is it a great idea to date a funny guy)

It gives your partner time
Silent treatment can be used as a time for self-reflection and introspection. It gives your partner a chance to consider the situations that lead to the fight. Sometimes, the silent treatment helps to realise the mistakes and the problems.

It gives you time
Sometimes you are the one who is wrong in the relationship. When you are in anger, you see just the mistakes of the other person. However, when you resort to not talking to your partner you end up thinking about your actions as well. As a result, you understand your partner’s stand too. (Also read: What are the warning signs that you should not make her your girlfriend)

Calm you down
Anger can destroy any good relationship. This is why when you argue you must take some time to calm down. A silent treatment is a wonderful way to calm your mind and think of the solution of the problem.

How long should a silent treatment ideally last?
The key to a healthy silent treatment is to end it on time, else it becomes a tool for manipulation. It is important to remember that silent treatment is not a way of extracting revenge. It is just a way to move towards a healthy way of communicating with your partner. So, always use the silent treatment to improve your relationship and make it better. (Also read: Why doesn’t the teenage love or school romance last for long)

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