How to turn your one night stand into a long term relationship

How to turn your one night stand into a relationship

Dating and relationships are turning complicated in this world. People these days hardly have time to form a meaningful and emotional bond with someone. This has led to the development of the concept of a one night stand. One night stand as the name suggests is one night of physical intimacy with no strings attached to it. However, many times people feel an instant connection to their partner. Which is why they often wonder how to convert a one night stand into a relationship. Let’s find out how can you do it? (Also read: What are the things a woman wants in a relationship but is too shy to ask)

Keep your expectation low
When you have a high expectation from a one night stand, it starts reflecting on your behaviour. You might act too clingy or needy because of it. This kind of behaviour can immediately turn off your one-night stand partner.

Lossen up and be warm
Just because you are in for a one night stand doesn’t mean you have to be unemotional. If you want to turn the one night stand in a relationship then you must be warm and friendly. Make sure you put forward your wittiness and dazzle your partner with your persona.

Turn the morning to a breakfast date
A smart man or woman knows that a meaningful conversation happens over a meal. So, you can turn your one night stand to a beautiful breakfast date. You can use that time to know the person and enjoy a more meaningful time together.  (Also read: How to use silent treatment in a positive way in the relationship)

Don’t prey information
It is important for the conversation to flow or to work out naturally. So, never make the conversation feel like an interrogation. The important thing to know is the healthy boundary.

Find a common ground
People connect instantly with the person they have a common ground with. So, pick something that is common between both of you. Maybe a hobby, a sport or even a movie. All these things develop an instant connection.

Don’t forget to exchange information
If you feel that you have formed a bond and connection, then don’t forget to exchange information. This way you can actually turn a one night stand in a relationship.  (Also read: Why is it a great idea to date a funny guy)

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