How To Tell Your Partner That You Want To Move On

How To Tell Your Partner That You Want To Move On

It is not necessary that every relationship should last for a lifetime. In fact, if you are not happy in a relationship, you should move out. There may be many reasons that you both stay together. Other than that, sometimes it becomes difficult to stay with a completely different person for your entire life. So, if you feel suffocated by staying with your partner, you can take the decision to break up or move on. So, here are some healthy ways to you tell your partner about this. If you are not happy staying with your partner, he/she also will understand the pain and will set you free. (Also Read: How To Get The Girl Who Is Out Of Your Reach)

First of all, talk to your partner:
Although you have made your mind to move on, still a healthy conversation is much needed before you take any further step. Sometimes an open conversation can make your life easier and may help you to change your mind too. That is why you should talk to your partner clearly when you feel anything bad or anything bugs you continuously.

Have a conversation in private:
When you want to talk to your partner regarding the breakup, you should not do this in public. This is a private affair and you should keep this between you and your partner only. Moreover, when you talk about this in private, you will get better chances to talk. (Also Read: Why Physical Attraction Is Important In A Relationship)

Have a live conversation:
Many people can not talk face to face about break up. They think that it may be a little awkward for both of you. But, trust us, the clear conversation cannot be done through a text or over a call. When you talk to your partner in a live conversation by facing each other, you will get more confidence which will help you to clear all the doubts.

Do not become hyper or show anger:
Always remember, whatever the reason can be, you are breaking a relationship and your partner’s heart. So, do not become angry or hyper while talking. Have a healthy conversation and make your partner also understand your feelings. Moreover, nothing should be bitter when it is ending.

Speak the truth, do not tell the wrong reason for doing this:
Do not tell a lie to your partner. If you have started dating someone, then speak the truth. Do not say anything other else than this. If you have the courage to fall in love again, then you should have the courage to speak the truth too. (Also Read: How To Maintain Your Friendship When You Are In A Relationship)

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