How to take a break for a while when you are in a relationship

How to take a break for a while when you are in a relationship

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It’s good to be in a relationship. You feel that you have someone special in your life. But, there comes a time when you are too much burdened with the problems of your life and you want a break. This break does not mean break up but it means some time for oneself only. Besides this, sometimes break is also necessary to figure out where you stand in a relationship. When you are in a longterm relationship, you lose the spark of being together. A break is necessary to make you realise the importance of your partner and also to deal with the issues of your relationship. Not just this, it also helps to retain the sense of belongingness that you have lost over the time. (Also read: Why is eye contact essential in a relationship)

A break helps you to understand the importance of your partner in your life. But wait, make sure you take this break in a healthy manner not by hurting your partner. It might offend your partner after listening that you are on for a break, but you have to make them understand that it is the need of the hour for both of you.

How to take a break for a while when you are in a relationship?

Analyse why you need a break: You should be clear in your mind about why you want a break and how you are going to take it. You must be ready with a plan for the things you are expecting from this break. Besides this, you owe an explanation to your partner, so get ready for that too.

Explain it to your partner: Your partner needs an explanation for your step. You should be clear on one thing, that it is good if your partner also thinks likewise and agree to what you say. Communicate, be kind and explain the need of taking a break. Asure her/him that it is for the betterment of your relationship. (Also read: How to make an ideal choice between the two lovers)

Talk about the duration: You must decide upon the time duration for which you are going on break. It should not extend. If you decided a break for a month, then it has to be till then only. No extensions are allowed after that. You know it already that you have to convince your partner a lot for doing so. So be kind and promising.

Follow the rules: You both have to make rules for yourselves. How are you both going to take this? Will you allow people’s interference in this? Will you meet as friends or will it be a complete break? It is a big step and a major risk as well, so be cautious while setting the boundaries.

Utilize the time and do the proper analysis: Now that you have taken a break from your relationship, you should utilize this time. Introspect yourself closely. Do you want a relationship? What are your expectations from this relationship? Think about your future plans and all the crucial things of your life that you have been ignoring for a while now. Make the most of this time. (Also read: What are the ways to deal with your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend)

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