How to distance yourself from someone who is not right for you

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How to distance yourself from someone who is not right for you

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Often we lose when it comes to the matter of the heart. As a result, sometimes we fall for the wrong person. Someone who is not right for us, someone who is not looking for a relationship or simply someone who doesn’t feel the same way toward you. When you are stuck in ‘one side attraction’ haven’t you thought if only you knew a way to fight it. Well, there are few things that you can do to fight your attraction towards the wrong person. (Also read: What are the things one should keep in mind while texting a girl)

Spend less time with them
It might sound hard, as all you wish to do is to spend with your crush. However, the more you do it, more attracted you get towards them. So, if you really want to fight the attraction stop spending time with them. This is a tough decision, but the best one you’ll ever take.

Stop texting or calling
It is no doubt that any form of contact with the person you like is special for you. However, if you keep calling or texting them despite knowing that they are not right for you, then you are making a mistake. Texting or calling keeps giving you hope that things will change eventually, which is bad for you. (Also read: Why should you never date your bestfriend)

Stop Stalking them on social media
This is one habit most people are guilty of. Stalking your crush is an unhealthy obsession. When you know that the person is not right for you, what good will stalking do? So, it is better that you stop it immediately.

No daydreaming or false hopes
When you are falling for someone, you spend, most of your time daydreaming about them. This leads to false hopes or dreams. As a result, it makes it harder to let go of that person. The only solution is to stop daydreaming about them.

Distract yourself
Nothing helps more than a distraction. So, distract yourself using a hobby, interest or anything else. Keep yourself too busy to focus on your romantic interest.  (Also read: What Are The Mistakes That Put You In The Friendzone)

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